To the entrepreneur feeling blocked when they sit down to write:

What if we gave you the key to transforming your everyday life moments into email stories that sell?

Write words that whisk them away... in just 15 minutes a day with Story Charms

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Let’s take you back…

It’s Friday afternoon and the clock just struck 5 o’clock (no not “somewhere”... although that would be nice right about now).

The Funnel Sisters Clock
That 5 o'clock feeling, though...

You check your inbox one last time before closing up shop. No new messages — good! Taking a deep breath, you turn off your laptop and officially bring the workday to an end. 


“Ahhhhh, the weekend’s finally here,” you think to yourself with a satisfied smile.


Time to reward the hard work.


“Maybe I’ll treat myself and order takeout tonight — ” but you’re stopped mid-thought as you suddenly remember that you pushed off emailing your list… again.


It’s not that you’re intentionally ignoring subscribers. You’ve been meaning to get better at showing up with engaging weekly content… but you’re frustrated with knowing what to write and feeling like your own marketing looks bad. 


As a result, you’ve been putting off growing and nurturing your email list. And the biggest block to success is the emails themselves.


Those 237 precious subscribers you’ve worked so hard to acquire this past year are just sitting idly by not moving your business forward and what’s worse, you haven’t spoken to them in about 3 solid months. 


Then it hits you. You’ve ghosted your list.

Sound familiar, friend?

Frustrated woman
Dear Reader Letter

You have the soul of an entrepreneur and a golden heart for helping others. 


Your courses, books, and workshops empower customers to reach their goals and find their own silver lining in the sky. Helping others achieve their dreams is something you were born to do


But you struggle with words when you sit down to write.


What do you say…?

How do you say it…?

How often should you email your list…?


You don’t want to be annoying and send too many broadcasts… but then again you also want to send enough.

And then there’s this disturbing dilemma… 


Email Marketing Has Gone Rogue

The inbox has quite literally turned into a pestilent pitch fest.

Grab your popcorn

There’s plenty of emails, just not a lot of heart. Every other message feels like straight-up salesmanship (whatever happened to good ol’ conversation?) Abundant talk about money, success, achievements, income… where’s the substance and story? 

Email Marketing Moment of Truth

And there’s no one to blame for this awkward behavior, either.


Because email doesn’t come with a set of instructions when you start your entrepreneurial journey. Nurses go to nursing school… firefighters go to the academy… and even people with office jobs have some sort of onboard training.


And small business owners? They have to figure it out on their own.


So you listen to experts who tell you to “go build an email list” (and that’s what you’ve tried to do). But the thing is, their courses tell you what to do, but not how to do it.


You’re probably thinking…

Will it connect

At this point in your journey, between the writer’s block and overmarketing happening in the inbox, you may be feeling super stressed just thinking about writing your list.

The look you make when someone mentions "six figures"

But you didn’t come this far to only come this far. And you’re not throwing the in the towel.


Quite the opposite.

You came here because you’re ready to be empowered. Ready to take the reins on email. And ready to create consistent content.

You just need a little help… but not just any help.

You need a simple system that I-N-S-P-I-R-E-S you to stand out in the sea of white noise marketing messages and impersonal and ineffective sales tactics.

You need a tried-and-true framework to come back to again and again so that you can build an authentic and engaged relationship with your audience and turn emails into content that connects and converts.

You Need Story Charms

Story Charms Transparent Logo

Story Charms is a transformational 3-part email writing workshop perfect for fun-loving brands + creative entrepreneurs ready to turn their everyday life moments into emails that sell. 

Story Charms Booklet Mockup
Story Charms Computer Mockup

It’s magically good!

Perfect for entrepreneurs of all list-building stages (yep, even if you’re just beginning).

Story Charms Illustration
Happily-Ever-After Starts with Story Charms

Just Imagine...

Being able to show up confidently week and after week and chug out entertaining and engaging content your readers L-O-V-E reading. (Good riddance Mr. Resistance.)

Just imagine… no more sitting in front of your computer screen second-guessing yourself trying to figure out what you’re going to write, and how you’re going to write it. (Tah-Tah writer’s block. We never loved you anyway!)

And just imagine… having a simple system in place for your business that empowers you to show up and sell with story… and do so in a way that D-E-L-I-G-H-T-S your audience like a breath of fresh air (Farewell Offer Remorse. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!)

No more writer's block. Not more story struggle. No more thinking you have nothing meaningful to say. You're done with that.

Today's the day you open the door and start a NEW chapter in your writing journey.

One that taps into the power of your every-day moments and liberates you with the confidence to communicate.
Leave the struggle behind
The Funnel Sisters
Allow Chessica and Nickie to be your official Story Charm guides.
You now have a reason to release all the worry, fear, and anxiety surrounding email copy. Let it go (breath). Leave it behind (smile). We're taking those constricting feelings away. And in exchange, we’re giving you the teaching, tools, and framework to authentically tell and sell using stories in your emails.
Email Training and Templates

Workshop #1 Endearing Emails (Value $197)

Workshop #2 The Anatomy of a Charm (Value $197)

Workshop #3 Over-the-Shoulder Email Writing Tutorials (Value $197)

BONUS: Charming Email Writing Worksheets (Value $17)

Segmentation: the Secret Sauce of Email Marketing

Metrics that Matter

100+ Clever Call-to-Actions

CAN-SPAM: What You Need to Know.

Email Etiquette

You Are the Gift Daily Affirmation

365+ Story Starters

BONUS: Story Guide Fill-in-the-Blank Email TEMPLATES (Value $325)

Whimsical Welcome Story Charm 5-part Email Sequence

Relationship Rescue Re-engagement 4-part Email Sequence 

Scrub-a-DubDub 4-part Email List Clean-up Sequence 


Today's Price = $47!

Hi! We’re Chess and Nickie, professional email copywriters (and copy fixer-uppers) here to help you get rid of your email worries for good, and bust through the conversions like we busted through our jeans after quarantine.

Consider us part of your official copywriting family. The two ladies you can count on to help when you’re in a rut and need a literal lifeline to make all this online business stuff work.

We created this resource to stimulate your story senses and awaken the writer inside you (the one that has been there all along).

We’re waving our magic wand over your emails....
Chess and Nickie Celebrating
Mission (now) Possible.
Story Charms Magical Pixie Dust

Love Notes from Our Favorite Customers


You took our funnel from "okay, I might buy this" to "Oh my gosh they get me, and I need this product!"

“THANK YOU. This is the best launch our company has ever had, and the very first “funnel” we’ve ever done. You took our funnel from “okay, I might buy this” to “Oh my gosh they get me, and I need this product!” with just a few tweaks and specific wording. You went above and beyond to serve us in such a quick turnaround time, and we will be recommending you to everyone we know.” 


Nicole & Chessica helped me get to where I wanted to go

“As a newbie in the funnel world, I was eager to build my first funnel. But as I started on my path to a gorgeous funnel, it was clear that I needed a more hands on guide. That is where The Funnel Sisters stepped in and acted as my funnel guru’s. They helped me with copy, with tech, and with emotional support and encouragement as we got close to launch. Nicole and Chessica helped me get to where I wanted to go. My first funnel was a success because the offer AND the funnel were amazing. I couldn’t have done it without them. #customer4life”


Fantastic duo

“The Funnel Sisters are a fantastic duo that will get your graphics and copy dialed in! Nickie and Chessica have great personalities, they are good listeners, excellent communicators, and they get the work done! I highly recommend them to help you develop your assets and sales funnel!”

We strive for 100% satisfaction with our clients and customers. When it comes to your success with Story Charms, we pledge to hold uphold our end of the bargain and give you everything you need to create charm-worthy emails that sell. With that said, love what we deliver you or get your money back. That’s our simple promise to you.


Answers to questions you may have about Story Charms…


That’s a great question and we’re happy you asked! You’ll get an email from us shortly after purchase with all your product details and a link to your member’s portal where content is housed.


We will drip all bonus content into your member’s area after the refund period is over (14 days post-purchase). 


Although we know you’ll get a TON of value from these 3 workshops, to answer your question, yes. We will absolutely provide a refund within 14 days if you are not 100% happy — but we trust you’ll be over-the-moon pleased with Story Charms (and your subscribers will notice a positive difference, too!).

Final Moment of Decision

Here you are. You’ve reached the very end of our offer — congratulations. We love that you’re still reading and engaging with this page!!


At this point, we’re confident that something about what we said has resonated with you. Before you hit that back button, may we charm-fully remind you that every hour is filled with treasured stories. Wouldn’t it be nice to take life’s lessons and takeaway moments and transform them into stories that sell (and for just $47 dollars)?


Just think, two email pros with extensive experience walking you through the ins and outs of writing for the inbox. Learn to lace your emails with dramatic details that make readers come back (and open) your broadcasts each and every week!

So let me ask you something before we depart and go our separate ways: If you only learned to build real relationships with the humans on your list, would it be worth this small investment? If you said, ‘yes’, click here now.

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